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(3)SAP Payroll 会计实务实战班

人力资源Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll (HR Payroll)


Session 1:  Introduction to SAP and Basic Settings

This session introduces SAP guide, help users build a big picture of systems implementation and basic setting.

·         SAP Navigation

·         Structures in Human Capital Management

·         Organization Management


Session 2:  Personnel Administration


·         Maintaining Employee Data

·         Accessing Time Data

·         Maintaining Employee Information Using Self-Services

·         Recruiting Personnel

·         Managing Employees in a Global Organization


Session 3:  Time Management


·         Time Recording

·         Attendance

·         Time Scheduling

·         Shift Management


Session 4:  Employee Remuneration I


·         Managing Compensation

·         Managing Payroll


Session 5:  Employee Remuneration II


·         Primary and Secondary Wages

·         Gross Pay

·         Bonus


Session 6:  SuccessFactor (Option)


·         Introduction the Cloud Application

·         Overview Process

·         Offline Demo