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(3) Excel高级 Financial Modelling 课程--Dynamic Dashboard Design

Nicole Accounting的Excel实战 高级班,由在上市公司Senior Business Analyst 工作 10  多年的老师授课, 比较适合已经对excel有一定基础, 想进一步提高自己excel技能的同学。教学会包括复杂公式以及数据量大的excel spreadsheet  和 Design。掌握好这些技巧以及excel功能,绝对能在工作面试时对excel充满自信,以及给工作提高效率, 同时是升职加薪的法宝



我们的高级班,涵盖大部分工作中会用到的基本excel 功能。采取小班教课,并且会布置课后作业。




超高性价比: 只需$595.00. 特价 $149



 Advanced Excel (Dashboard Design) Course Outline


*Design Dynamic Dashboard Using VBA Check Box & Radio Button

·  Apply check box or radio button to enable and disable data range

· 模型 Example: Sale, Budget, LY variance analysis

*Design Dynamic Dashboard Using VBA Spin Button

·  Use spin button to control different reporting time frame

. 模型  Example: sales and trends analysis for more than 10 year

*Design Dynamic Dashboard Using VBA Scroll Bar

·  Similar to Spin Butto

· Scroll at much faster speed and can set up auto scroll

*Design Dynamic Dashboard Using VBA Combo Box

·   Most Versatile VBA form control

·   模型   Example: Validate user input; update multiple filters and picture links etc.

*Design Dynamic Dashboard Using VBA ActiveX Control

·  Similar to VBA Combo Box but more presentable

· Can customer background, font size, 3D effect & shadow

Design Dynamic Dashboard Using Pivot Table Slicer

· How to customize Slicer to match different style (Hover effect)

· Use one slicer to control multiple tables and charts

Design Dynamic Dashboard Using Named Range and Picture

·         Create and control dynamic charts and pictures

·         Can use unlimited pictures or objects

·         Enable picture, chart & table objects visible and invisible

Design Dynamic Dashboard Using Named Range and Picture Link (or Camera tools)

·         Most flexible way to build dynamic dashboard, apply to any cirmustance






This Advanced Excel VBA training courses are designed for someone who wishes to peruse a career as management accountant, financial analyst or senior business & data analyst, users who want to learn how to use the inbuilt programming language in Microsoft Excel to enhance their worksheets and automate processes.

You should have intermediate Excel Skills; know how to use Excel formulas such as Vlookup, Sumifs, PivotTable and basic charting etc. Programming language skills is not compulsory in the training.

After you have learnt this course, you should be able to write VBA macros to build applications and automate your daily task so you can work much faster, you will know how to create dynamic chart to visualise the data using different VBA controls and build complicated dashboard for different purpose such as KPIs analysis, Sales Performance, Budget Analysis etc. The possibilities are endless.