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(4) Excel实战 高级系列班-- Power BI (会计找工亮点)

Power BI 商业在实际工作运用越来越普遍,由在大型跨国咨询公司Senior Financial Accountant 兼Assistant Finance Manager的老师授课, 适合对excel有一定基础, 想进一步提高自己excel技能的同学。教学会包括复杂公式以及数据量大的excel spreadsheet 和 Design。掌握好这些技巧以及excel功能,绝对能在工作面试时对excel充满自信,以及给工作提高效率, 同时是升职加薪的法宝。Power BI提供具有自助式商业知能的交互是可视化,最终用户可以自行创建报告和仪表板,而无须以来信息技术人员或数据管理员。




我们的高级班,涵盖大部分工作中会用到的基本excel 功能。采取小班教课,并且会布置课后作业。




Power BI 技术门坎低,易学易懂,适合刚毕业或即将毕业的学生职场新鲜人,以及职场想升职的朋友。



超高性价比: 只需$595.00.




Power BI Course 

Introduction to Power BI

·        What is Power BI?

·        Major Component: Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power BI Desktop

·        The First Experience

·        You’ll Need Just a Web Browser

Getting Data

·        File Sources

·        Folder as a Source

·        Database Sources

·        Analysis Services Connection

·        Web Source

Power Pivot for Data Modelling

·        Relationships in Power Pivot

·        Best practices

·        Introduction to DAX

·        Calculated Members

·        Advanced calculations using Calculate functions

·        Time Functions

·        DAX Advanced

·        Power Pivot embedded in Power BI Desktop

Data Visualization with Power BI, Power View and Power Map

·        Data Visualization Best Practices

·        Power BI Desktop Visualization

·        Custom Visuals in Power BI Desktop

·        Formatting Visuals in Power BI Desktop

·        Power View for Excel

·        Charts, scorecards, and other visualization items in Power View

·        Sorting, Filtering, and categorization with Power View

·        Best Practices to work with Power View

·        3D geo-spatial visualization with Power Map

·        Best Practices to work with Power Map

Power BI Desktop: combination of three tools

·        Power BI Desktop Introduction

·        Getting data from different data sources

·        Modelling data, and relationships

·        Creating calculated measures

·        Visualizing data in Power BI Desktop

·        Power View difference in Power BI Desktop

·        Best practices of designing solutions with Power BI

·        Custom Visuals for Power BI Desktop



In this training course you will learn Power BI from beginner to advance. You will learn how to use Power BI for simple data analysis situations as well as complex business intelligence scenarios. You will learn about five components of Power BI one by one. Power Query for data mash up, Power Pivot for Modelling, Power View and Power Map for data visualization, You will also learn about Power BI Desktop and Power BI apps with great new features added to this product. You will learn all the concepts with live demos. Expect learning best practices with great scenarios in this course.