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(3) CPA必修——Strategic Management Accounting 考试辅导和冲刺辅导

CPA 课程冲刺辅导 – Strategic Management Accounting



• Strategic Management Accounting

Session 1:CPA module 1
Session 2:CPA module 2
Session 3:CPA module 3
Session 4:CPA module 4
Session 5:CPA module 5



Our Strategic Management Accounting Segment will be demonstrated by one of our most experienced teacher who has achieved HD for this subject and been working as a Management Accountant for 7+ years with rich experience in real commercial application of the management accounting skills and techniques.

The class will be a 3-hour workshop every time, under the structure of pre-read before the class, detailed demonstration for each module to cover each topic and concept, ‘question time’ towards the end of each class (questions are also encouraged during the class but will be kept in short time to ensure the quality of the normal teaching), homework study questions assigned by the teacher, and after class interaction on wechat.

This segment will be taught organically with lots of learning, trouble shooting, problem solving and case studies, all with the goal to equip you with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills you need to not only get good marks in the exam  (average C, but if you do spend time D and above comes easy as well) but truly understand this subject and its commercial application, because it has a substantial impact on your career if you wish to pursue the management accountant path in corporate.