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(5) 税务班- Public Practice 实战课程

Public Practice-公司税务实战Tax accountant

根据社会找工的需求和一个课程可以学到更全部的Public Practice的课程,近期我们对会计税务实战班课程进行了重新的改革和编排,加入了更多新的内容,

Public Practice领域的工作,这些一般都是accounting firm。Such as big four以及second tier 的accounting的firm &中小型的accounting firm,工作内容主要包括Auditing and Assurance, Consulting, Deals, Enterprises, Private Clients , bookkeeping, tax return, SMSF,business set up等内容。Public Practice领域的工作与commercial and Industry有很大的不同,如果同学们对这个领域非常感兴趣也可以从Public Practice发展,可以参加 我们的个人税务实战班公司税务实战班(Tax accountant)

授课时间:16 Hours 
Become an expert tax preparer

Session 1: Introduction to public practice structures ,  job opportunities and individual tax returns

Part 1: Introduction to public practice and job opportunities

1. Types of accounting firms: according to location, scale and service provided

2. Structure of a typical firm and work flow for a junior or intermediate accountant

3. Introduction of time sheet and billing , and use of ATO portal

3. Comparison of different business/entity structures: sole trader, partnership, company,  trust/self-managed super fund

4. Different approaches for processing client files: source documents, excel files, bookkeeping software copies and data extract from ATO portal


Part 2: Individuals 

5. Income for individuals such as termination payment, annuity, super related income, capital gain and investment income

6. Deduction for individuals

7. Other items such as tax offsets, section for minors, change of residency, medicare levy, HELP repayments

8. Tax administration: lodgement required or not, late lodgement, amendment, objection, appeal  , penalty rates

9. Handi-tax for individual: complete a real life case from setting up a client file to getting return ready to lodge 

10. Tax planning tips for individuals


Session 2: Sole Traders and Small Business

Part 1: Sole traders

1. Personal service income: use a mind map to evaluate a personal service income, deal with personal service income and personal service entity  

2. Plan a business’s schedule on individual tax return

3. Preparation of loss schedule (Deal with loss from business / non-commercial loss)


Part 2: Small businesses

4. Eligibility ( Income tax concession & Capital Gain Tax concession)

5. Small business entity concession: simplified deprecation & immediate deduction, income tax, CGT, GST and FBT concession

6. Why and how to prepare and lodge a BAS and an IAS (explanation of each column)

7. GST registration and GST accounting methods

8. PAYG system: payers and frequency (PAYG withholding & PAYG instalment)

9. PAYG payment summary, reportable employer superannuation contribution

10.Introduction to concessional super contribution and updated rules for Self-Managed Super Funds


Session 3: Partnerships & Trusts

1. Existence of partnership and a partnership agreement

2. Features of partnership: limitations on deduction, income distribution 

3. Complete partnership accounts: partnership share or loss , partnership net income , partnership capital gains, partners’ salaries

4. Introduction types of trusts and taxation of trusts

5. Preparation of trust distribution schedule for beneficiaries

6. GST reconciliation and reducing risks caused by data matching

7. Run Handi-ledger BAS report and transfer to Handi-tax

8. Partnership & Trusts reports and tax return

9. Taxation of minors (Excepted persons, eligible income, excepted income)



Session 4: Companies

1. Setting up and closing a company: ACN and ABN application, ASIC registration, company constitution

2. Office holder’s legal obligations, public and private companies

3. Trial balance check-up: bank/ liability accounts reconciliation, TD and TC, key accounts such as salaries and wages, super

4. Calculation of taxable income (reconciliation)

5. Preparation of client’s commercial vehicle hire purchase

( GST treatment , unexpired interest amortisation, Hire purchase liability )

6. Div 7A interest , loan closing balance and minimum loan repayment work book

7. Year-end adjusting entries: common errors of clients

8. Process MYOB data into Handi-ledger

9. Financial statements and Handi-ledger: differences between public and private companies

10. Preparation of the taxable payments annual report for construction business


Session 5: Companies continued , FBT & PRT calculation and Interview tips

Part 1: Companies

1. BAS amendment and loss schedule

2. Preparation of Company franking account, dividends

3. Calculation of dividend payments to shareholders

4. Fringe benefit tax introduction

5. Type of fringe benefits explanation

6. Choices to deal with fringe benefit: contribution or paying tax 

7. Prepare a simple FBT return

8. Payroll Tax introduction , threshold and payment deadline

9. Payroll Tax Calculation -with case study


Part 2: Job Hunting Tips and Advise


10. Interview sample questions sharing   
At the end of this course, students will be able to lodge tax returns for legal entities with ability to advice on tax strategies for clients. This course will provide not only practical part but also solid theoretical part therefore the students who completed this course will gain the additional leading tax mind set for tax planning and strategies for their future clients. The knowledge and practical skills gained will be suitable to be used in any tax office and be able to consult with clients on tax strategies. The information provided in the course will be useful for accountants to provide consultation to clients in regard to tax planning and tax compliance purposes. 



Tax accountant 

Financial accountant

Assistant accountant



授课地点:803/250 Pitt St,  Sydney (near ANZ bank)





Ongoing support·         一对一专业修改简历:我们会课后进行一对一辅导,Resume流程,修改resume,不占用上课时间,我们会根据不同学生的background修改简 历,详细的简历修改是我们ongoing support的重点。 (Resume流程,修改resume,不占用上课时间,我们会一对一的修改。如果没有参加我们课程的同学需要单独修改简历,收费是$150)

 另外想提高自己interview技巧的同学可以单独take我们的interview skill课程来提高自己的面试技巧。我们的interview课程一向是为学生的,也是我们的精华所在,我们会讲述如何与雇主和中介的 interview技巧,都是base在我们自己的实践和不断的失败总结上的成功经验,很多同学上了interview课程之后,都感觉豁然开朗,面试技巧也越来越娴熟。课程介绍请见:

免费重听:另外我们为大家提供一个温故知新,拾遗补缺的好机会,大家在完成课程后可以在课程结束后的半年之内,无限制免费重听直到找到工作. 让大家免除听不懂,跟不上的后顾之忧。也可以让对我们课程感兴趣的朋友借此机会,把以前学过的知识进一步巩固, 还可对新的 accounting skills有进一步提高。

  • 提供CPD Hour认证:所有报读课程的同学都可用所学的hours 申请CPA Australia的CPD hour认证,满足mbership每年需要claim CPD Hour的要求。