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Financial Accountant 课程- Consolidation

1. Consolidation – 
One of the hardest part of financial accounting is consolidation as it requires combination financial reports of various entities for group reporting purposes, in these course we will tackle the issues of intercompany reconciliation, intercompany eliminations,  foreign exchange conversions and consolidation by using power bi and excel, to build a model from trial balance detailed transaction level that automatically consolidate the data so management can have timely review of the group performance in real time.
Utilize Power BI to do complex elimination entries and consolidation, multi-currency conversion from trial balance level effectively 
- Consolidate Data with Power BI
o Merge multiple data and queries
o Automatic mapping of different chart of accounts settings between companies
- Intercompany Elimination between parent accounts and subsidiaries
o Dealing with Intercompany Loans
o Adjustment Entries
- Multiple currency conversions and different accounting treatment method
- Consolidated financial statements